CPI Spanish immersion school is located in a country known for its peaceful nature. It is also known as a vanguard for serious commitment to environmental conservation thanks to its dedication of 25% of the country's land mass to protected areas. From its Caribbean and Pacific beaches, to its volcanoes, rain forests, and cloud forests, Costa Rica is a country full of natural beauty.  Eco-protectionism goes hand-in-hand in a sustainable fashion with energies also dedicated to building high-quality education and health care programs. With a population just under five million, Costa Rica boasts a high literacy rate and a commendable national health care system. Yet, perhaps the most admirable resource are her people – always ready to greet you with a smile, share their culture, and help you improve your Spanish!
The CPI Spanish school has three campus locations, allowing students to experience three very different parts of the country: HEREDIA -Central Valley-, MONTEVERDE - Cloud Forest - and FLAMINGO - Tropical Beach-. Its peaceful history, natural beauty, and friendly people make Costa Rica the perfect country for learning Spanish.

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