World Cup 2018 EXCITEMENT with CPI in Costa Rica!

“Lo vamos a apoyar!” Step number one for each World Cup game is to have your country colors (red, white & blue) and your Costa Rica team jersey on!  Step two, a typical breakfast of gallo pinto and eggs (maybe with a fried sweet plantain or a slice of fresh bread) served prior to the start of the match.

Our Spanish immersion students are experiencing firsthand the excitement, the stress, and even sometimes the agony of defeat expressed by their Tico host families as they watch with bated breath each minute of the early morning soccer matches played by LA SELE. “Vamos, vammooosss Ticos!”  The experts are detailed in their commentaries during each moment of the game as viewers see a shot made towards the Costa Rica goal, caught in the air, our amazing goalie, Keylor Navas, has again stopped the attempt.  Now it’s the SELE’s turn, “Metaaaa gollllll” (score a goal!) is a common expression shouted with lots of emotion – during matches there is no shortage of opportunities to learn soccer phrases in Spanish! Living the “Pura Vida” in Costa Rica during the World Cup is a unique experience, demonstrating a true love of the sport and enjoying life in the moment of this exhilarating representation of Costa Rica in the World Cup 2018!

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