PURA VIDA! Here's some idea of its meaning.

Loosely translated as ‘pure life’, the Ticos use the phrase Pura Vida day-to-day in conversation but it is more than a verbal expression, it is also a way of life -- a social construct: it is enjoyment, it is gratitude, it is family, it is love and friendship.  

How is Pura Vida manifested daily?

By moving in a paced fashion to engage in livable and learning moments with the environment and those around you: taking the time to converse with a neighbor, noticing an iridescent hummingbird drinking sweet nectar from a vibrant flower, savoring an afternoon coffee & a slice of dessert bread with family, and seeking ways to relieve daily stresses unwinding through sports or hobbies.  

For many of our students it is bathing in the golden light of a glorious sunset behind forested hills or crystalline Pacific waters or the plaza filled with children playing.

In sum, it is about being able to unwind, finding joy and being present so you notice the little gifts around and within you.  Once you experience the Pura Vida, a piece of Costa Rica stays with you for a lifetime!

JOIN your CPI family in Costa Rica to learn Spanish and immerse yourself in our PURA VIDA.  Check our Spanish programs for information on the option most fitting to you!

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