Costa Rica is the perfect destination for all travel styles and all ages

Costa Rica is the perfect destination for all travel styles and all ages. A main attraction beyond its natural wonders – virgin forests, volcanoes, spectacular coast lines – is the living culture, observed through friendly locals – the Ticos; in fact, many comment that their favorite part of Costa Rica was the kind welcome felt as they travel across the country. For senior travelers, the CPI Retirement Travel Program is a fully guided, educational tour option inclusive of Spanish classes (no more than 4 students per class), accommodation, excursions and transportation. Spend a wonderful 2 weeks with other travelers in amazing, tropical Costa Rica – you will love each and every moment!

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CPI Online Spanish for Homeschoolers: learning the basics and beyond

CPI online Spanish programs are an excellent home-based education resource whether your homeschool curriculum already includes Spanish, or as a completely new offering for your homeschooler. Our online Spanish courses are available for all ages and skill levels. We offer flexible scheduling, allowing you to integrate the classes into the time of day that fits your schedule.

Why study Spanish in Spain when the Costa Rican PURA VIDA is so close to home?

WHERE you choose to learn a second language directly parallels what will be your COMPLETE SPANISH immersion experience as it is closely linked to: those brief interactions with the locals, observing how people live their lives on a daily basis, learning traditions, engaging in meaningful conversations, and enjoying the surroundings -- effectually becoming one with this ‘new world’ around you. At the same time why not give yourself an extra treat? See firsthand the reason Costa Rica is named the happiest place on earth!

Easter (Semana Santa) in Costa Rica

Culture is reflected in customs and one of the most traditional times of the year in Costa Rica are the days leading up to Easter Sunday. Seasonal dishes, time spent with the family and religious processions are ways Costa Ricans from all over the country participate in the Easter tradition.

Programs to learn SPANISH and VOLUNTEER programs

From a certain view, volunteering is an extension of support, whether fulfilling very short or long-term necessities, and assistance to those in need. However, a well-organized volunteer opportunity maximizes the benefits to all involved by becoming a genuine exchange; specifically, one where the tangible extends into an authentic chance for growth for each individual volunteer, as well.