SPANISH IMMERSION PROGRAMS: advantages of having a different Spanish professor each week

You have extensively investigated options and now have a short list of countries for your Spanish immersion experience. The next important consideration when looking at Spanish immersion schools is class size.  The best schools develop their programs with small class size in mind - the ideal scenario is no more than 4 other classmates – with each class being organized according to skill level.  This small class structure guarantees personalized instruction, guidance, and support during the Spanish learning process.

What makes for good Spanish Immersion language learning? TOP 4 TIPS!

After having been successful in the process of learning Spanish, thousands of Spanish immersion students around the world agree on these TOP TIPS:

  1. It is important to diligently keep the Spanish lesson time in Spanish by avoiding using your native tongue, even though in the moment it could be much easier to do so.  Struggles to understand, and even the frustration, is part of good Spanish immersion lessonsRemember, the magic of immersion requires that only Spanish be heard and utilized in class. 

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Spanish classes by the hour at CPI Spanish Costa Rica: the perfect option for expats or short-term tourists

CPI is rolling out a brand-new program within its signature label “CPI Specialized Experiences” with Spanish Classes by the Hour

Who within the CPI student base would be best served?

  1. Short-term tourists: Our accomplished Spanish professors can be contracted for as few as 2 hours for a survival Spanish session permitting visitors to maximize......


CPI Costa Rica is excited to be an Exhibitor at our 6th consecutive ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo, this year being held in Nashville, TN. Over 7,000 language professionals are expected to attend this much anticipated event.  Opportunities for professional development are abundant with 800 educational sessions along with informational meetings on emerging trends and research-informed practices.

CPI Online Spanish

If you would like to brush up on your Spanish from the comfort of your own home, CPI’s online Spanish program is the perfect study forum. This flexible program allows you to study Spanish without having to take time off from work or school, and it will keep your skills sharp even if you do not use Spanish regularly in your daily life.

Just as in CPI’s on-site classes, your curriculum will be custom-tailored to fit your needs.....