Can I use my cellular phone in Costa Rica while studying with CPI Spanish Immersion?

Once in Costa Rica, you can buy a pre-paid cell phone.  Alternatively, you can also bring your own cell phone and buy a local SIM card.

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It is possible to bring your own cell phone and buy a SIM card ($5 or more).  Important: in order to use a SIM card, make sure that your cell phone is unblocked and works on 850Mha frequency.  SIM cards do not work on AT&M, MCI, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile cell phones unless specially unlocked with the provider.  Check with your provider before arriving to Costa Rica to arrange for your phone to be compatible with a local SIM card.  With proper notice, some providers also offer the option of temporarily disconnecting your home service while abroad.  

SIM cards can be purchased in your country before coming or can also be purchased at the airport.  It is recommended that you purchase your SIM card at a local vendor in Costa Rica.  Please note that your passport is required when purchasing and setting up your local, prepaid service. 

You can recharge your cellular minutes at a variety of local stores, but they require payment in cash.  The main cellular carriers in Costa Rica are Kolbi, Movistar, Claro, and your CPI staff will be happy to give recommendations about which network you should choose based on your travel plans.

CPI also offers free international and local calls through Skype.  Ask at reception which countries are included in this service. 

Does CPI have experience teaching advanced Spanish students? Heritage students?

Yes!  Many advanced students have studied with us, as have heritage students.

How do I get to CPI Spanish Immersion on the first day?

If you live within walking distance, your host family will show you how to get to school the first day. Additionally, during the student orientation the CPI Student Coordinator will go over the map to help familiarize you to the local areas.

If you live more than 25-minutes walking distance from campus, CPI provides daily morning transportation to the school.

Do I have the same CPI Immersion Spanish professor every week?

While all CPI teachers have mastered the customized CPI methodology, CPI recognizes the importance of being exposed to the unique and varied styles of different professors; as such, each week students change professors in order to experience different expressions, vocabulary, accents and conversation topics.

How safe is Costa Rica and the locations of CPI Spanish Immersion?

A vital question, as advanced preparation is key to any positive travel experience! Costa Rica is a serene country, committed to upholding its history of peace and diplomacy. Also, since the nation depends greatly on tourism from the United States, Canada, and Europe, visitors are warmly welcomed with respect and kindness. However, travelers should always use common sense and best judgment, especially when visiting major cities.