Is one-on-one Spanish instruction possible at CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica?

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While the small group size at CPI, no more than 4 students per class organized by level for our adult immersion program, makes our classes conducive to effective language acquisition, most certainly a student can receive one-on-one instruction if s/he so desires.  A particular advantage to private classes is the student receives more personalized attention and can study in greater detail a specific topic of choice.  Private classes can be organized for the morning or afternoon slots (20 hours per week), for example.  Or even more is a possibility as we have had students with definitive professional goals take up to 8 hours daily of private classes.  Alternatively, private classes can be scheduled after morning group classes as a onetime 1 or 2 hour session; or various afternoon classes can be secured either daily or every other day.  In other words, the scheduling is at the discretion of the student and his/her needs.  The content menu for private lessons is expansive and can extend to specialized Spanish terminology for such areas as: diplomacy, business, social work, law enforcement, politics, plant species, nutrition, information technology, petroleum, education, ecology, environment, sports, economy and medicine.  

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