Teen Camp Heredia: Day 3, Mall & Movie Afternoon - June 28

On our third day at the Teen Camp, the students were able to go to City Mall. It’s located in the Alajuela province, about 20 minutes away from the CPI. It recently  opened about a year ago.

As the students went inside, they were surprised to see such a big, new and full of stores mall, since they had only seen the forests and beaches here. We headed to the food court, had some lunch and then the shopping started. They all went through the mall to find things they wanted or needed. From phone chargers and high heels to video games, the students enjoyed their shopping time. In the afternoon we all headed to the movie theatre to watch Wonder Woman in English with Spanish subtitles. Before entering the movies, a student somehow lost his ticket! We managed to get it back and enjoy the movie in 3D. The students seemed to have fun and were entertained, which made it another successful day at the program!

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