Teen Camp Heredia: Day 4, Animal Rescue Center - June 29

On Thursday, after lunch we packed our stuff in the van a headed to the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center, located 35 minutes away from the CPI.

The Teen Camp students enjoyed this place a lot. We had a tour where they showed us around. The job of the volunteers at the Rescue Center is to keep all of the animals safe while they  rehabilitate them. As soon as they heal, they are re-released into their natural habitats in the Costa Rican rainforest. This gives the animals a second chance at life. 

What the students had fun with the most were the monkeys and the sloths. They were lucky to see a newborn sloth and touch 2 different types of sloths! I was happy to see them all investing their time into the animals. You could see the love they had for sloths! Other animals they were able to see were goats, turtles, dogs, toucans, kinkajous, parrots, olingos, amongst others. All animals have a name, and seem pretty happy to be in a place full of love. After the tour, the students had time to see some newborn baby cats and walk arounds the place. Overall, it was a great visit.


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