Teen Camp Heredia: Day 1, San José City Tour - June 26

Today the students started classes in the Heredia campus. They had a walk with their new host families from their homestay to the CPI school, where they started their new adventure.

After lunch the students walked through the capital of Costa Rica. What a better way to start off at a new campus than a tour around the city? From the Gold Museum to the National Theatre, the students were able to discover the beauty of San José.

Teen Camp Monteverde, Days 6 and 7: Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs

Early on a sunny Saturday morning the kids said goodbye to their host families and rode down the mountains towards the majestic Arenal Volcano, where we checked into our hotel for the weekend.

Teen Camp Monteverde, Day 4: Coffee, Sugar and Chocolate Tour - June 22

Today was definitely a sweet experience: Coffee, sugar and chocolate all in one tour!


Teen Camp Monteverde, Day 5: Tree Climbing - June 23

After their last Spanish lesson in the Monteverde campus, the students went into adventure mode one more time: it was time to see the forest from the tree tops, but this time using their own strength to climb to the canopy.

CPI Heredia - Teen Camp Day 4: Thursday – Toucan Rescue Ranch

Today's excursion was long awaited by the biology and nature buffs in our Teen Camp group. The great thing about being based in Heredia is that both the city and the forest are located within an hour's drive. At first, the weather looked promising: we had had extremely good luck thus far - avoiding the habitual afternoon rainfalls in Costa Rica. Sadly, today our luck ran out. Soon after we arrived it started to rain... and rain... and rain. Torrents of it! The animals at the Rescue Ranch loved it! Our guide, Pedro, told us they were more active than usual: jumping up and down in their enclosures and the sloths moving far faster than we thought possible. I guess they have a better appreciation for the weather than we do.