Teen Camp Monteverde: Day 3, Cooking and Soccer - June 21

On our third day of camp the students were in for a treat: Beatriz, our cook who prepares delicious meals for us every day, was going to teach us a few of her secrets!

Teen Camp Monteverde: Day 2, Canopy Tour - June 20

It’s a bird….It’s a plane….it’s a student flying over Monteverde! On our second day of camp, the kids experienced the cloud forest like never before: gliding through the canopy, Superman style.

Teen Camp Day 3: Wednesday – Zip Line Canopy

The mountains and valley surrounding Volcán Poás appeared suddenly, as if we had stepped into a storybook. The mist rolling in over the mountains, the colorful flowers, the hummingbirds and the sounds of birdsong were romantic and enchanting.

Teen Camp Monteverde: Day 1, Mountain Biking - June 19

The students woke up in their Monteverde homestay for the first time today, and after breakfast with the Tico family they walked to school where we gathered as a group for the first time, excited to learn each other’s names and where everyone comes from. Then it was time to learn some Español and begin our first day at camp!

Teen Camp Day 2: Tuesday – Mall and a Movie

Today the girls of Teen Camp Heredia learned that Costa Rica has many of the modern conveniences they are accustomed to in the United States… There are huge modern malls, state of the art cinemas, excellent medical clinics, American fast food chains and efficient train and bus services. In the plush seats of the cinema at the Paseo de las Flores mall, we watched Wonder WomanMujer Maravilla» en español]. The action and intrigue of this movie held us riveted for almost two and a half hours! It was great entertainment!