Spanish schools with tutoring for residents and expats in Costa Rica

Those who have decided to make Costa Rica their home for a few months, a year or even permanently soon realize the importance of establishing a base in the language which they encounter each day.  Whether interactions be...

greeting your friendly Tico neighbors, engaging with vendors at the local farmer’s market or with a clerk at the supermarket, ordering a menu selection at your favorite restaurant, opening a bank account, going to the hardware store to pick up items for a DIY project, communicating with your doctor or asking for directions, knowing Spanish will ease the assimilation to your new home. Plus, it simply makes sense -- permitting your time in Costa Rica to be more enjoyable with more confidence regarding the goings-on around you.

With the CPI model Spanish is easy to learn with small, personalized classes of no more than 4 students per class, organized each Monday according to linguistic level, with an emphasis on culture and communication. You may find preferable a 2 or 3 week intensive program followed by a few hours 3xs per week (made possible through our special 20 hour resident program) scheduled in a manner that best suits your needs, a flexible-added-value extended to residents. Or perhaps the CPI Online Spanish classes better meet your needs; avoid rush hour traffic, learning the language in the comfort of your office or home with our LIVE format model.  

In our over 25 years of experience, CPI has catered to many expats and they all agree that learning and improving their Spanish not only reduced the stress of acclimating to this wonderful country but also increased their enjoyment, whether here for a shorter time or the long term. Much of this journey is about relationships and speaking Spanish plays a considerable role in augmenting the enrichment of your time in Costa Rica.  

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