Top 4 Reasons to come to Costa Rica to learn Spanish & Surf

Famous for being one of the best countries in Latin America for learning Spanish as well for its incredible surf, Costa Rica is known as a world-class touristic destination, especially for visitors from North America (USA & Canada) and Europe (mainly Germany, Switzerland, & France). Costa Rica’s natural beauty and culture has made it one of the most popular destinations to learn Spanish in Latin America. There are also countless outdoor adventure experiences to enjoy and, of course, you’ve heard that joining a Costa Rica surf camp is the perfect opportunity to learn how to surf. Beautiful beaches, the kindest locals - who will also teach you and practice Spanish with you-, great weather year long and numerous options for never ending excitement.


Today, we give you 4 reasons why you should choose Costa Rica as your perfect destination to learn Spanish & Surf!

1.  Best Destination for Beginner Surfers

If surfing is one of those things that you always meant to learn, but never got around to doing, this is your time! It’s never too late to try surfing! Guanacaste, Costa Rica is filled with all kinds of gorgeous beaches; Tamarindo is the closest surf beach to Playa Flamingo with a great shoreline making it easy to learn how to surf thanks to its slow waves, no rocks and, of course, Iguana Surf = the best Costa Rica Surf Camp in town. 

In Tamarindo, waves break consistently with a pleasant water temperature year-round, and you will find the best instructors and one-on-one lessons and/or board rentals that won’t give you budget anxiety.  You can enjoy an amazing surf lesson either all morning or afternoon, then refresh with a coconut back on land!

There are plenty of clichés about surfing, but the truth is that the sensation of riding on water is like nothing else on Earth. Surfing also gets bonus points for keeping you fit, immersed in beautiful surroundings on a tropical beach! Since all the instructors speak Spanish you have a great opportunity to practice your newly acquired Spanish skills.

2. Costa Rica Culture

The best way to stay interested and learn Spanish fast is through engagement with the Spanish-speaking culture. And Costa Rica is the best place to do this! Meet the locals and engage in their culture, internalize Spanish pronunciation and the cadence of speech by interacting, listening to the news on Spanish-radio, watching movies & ‘telenovelas’ and take classes - not only Spanish classes- but classes in Spanish! Not only can you learn to surf with Spanish speaking instructors but you can also take a yoga or art class in Spanish! Try to order food in restaurants using your Spanish to practice even more, immerse yourself in the Costa Rica culture and make your learning experience a breeze!

3. Beautiful Location

We can talk all day long about how beautiful Costa Rica is -- breathtaking views and nature.  The CPI Spanish institute has been custom designed and built to serve as a Spanish immersion school. Students appreciate the professional academic campus setting, infused with comfortable spaces where students gather to enjoy new friendships, practice Spanish together, or relax amidst our lovely gardens, fountains, sporting areas, and open-air dining facilities. Each school has a library and small computer lab, as well as group meeting room, offices & game tables, such as ping pong and foosball. Conveniently located near restaurants, markets, bus stops and taxi centers, students safely and easily navigate throughout the local community.

At CPI Flamingo Beach, students have the opportunity for serious Spanish study in a vacation environment thanks to the professionalism and extensive experience of our teachers who aim to boost students’ confidence and enjoyment of learning Spanish while enjoying the beautiful Costa Rican beaches and views.

4.  Costa Rica is Family Friendly

Usually when people talk about learning how to surf or join Spanish lessons in a different culture, they believe it's something that can only be done when you are single, or young or traveling by yourself.

This is so far from the truth! There is nothing more fun than being able to travel with your kids and learn new things with them!! Enjoy some quality time and learn to surf and learn Spanish with your whole family!  CPI is one of the only schools in Costa Rica to receive children as young 4 years old with teachers specially trained to share the language and culture with younger students. Many people think that the generic Levitra is worse than the brand, but in fact this is not true, they both have the same active ingredient (Vardenafil), and they affect the body the same.

The possibility to do both surf lessons and learn Spanish is an amazing opportunity to make life long memories together!

Learning a language abroad is an adventure. You get to see places and meet people that are worlds away from your everyday experience. You learn a new way of thinking and communicating. You also get the chance to try new things, or indulge a hobby that you are already into, like surfing! So, don't miss the amazing opportunity to learn how to surf while you are learning Spanish! Both are great to learn, and you can learn both of them at any age, only thing you need is a really wanting it and practice!

Costa Rica is awaiting you!

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