How can I improve my Spanish during limited travel?

There is no denying the internet can provide great benefit to learning Spanish or improving linguistic skills. Here is a quick list of tips on how the internet can be of help in your learning journey!

  1. Make a set of vocabulary cards. Try to set the goal of learning 3 new words per day in different areas; for example: on Monday, 3 words about the home; on Tuesday, 3 about nature; on Wednesday, vocabulary about health & well-being; on Thursday, details about the family, etc.
  2. Twice weekly find a song in Spanish on YOUTUBE; listen 3xs and makes notes of vocabulary with which you are not familiar. Bonus: look up in WIKI ESPANOL some information about the musical group or artist.
  3. Watch a series in Spanish, with or without subtitles, under the international offerings on NETFLIX or a “telenovela” on YOUTUBE.
  4. Visit a local eatery with Latin or Spanish inspired fare; when you make your reservation ask if it’s possible to only speak in Spanish during your visit.
  5. Volunteer at a local NGO where Spanish is used.
  6. Once a week spend 10 minutes writing Spanish words and/or sentences that come to mind in a free flow manner.
  7. Online learning in live format with CPI language school in Costa Rica is a terrific option to perfect your linguistic skills, as well!

For more information about online Spanish classes in Costa Rica, visit And for more tips on how to learn the language with Costa Rica Spanish, feel free to follow our blog The Pura Vida Experience.

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