Why learning Spanish in Costa Rica could be your lifetime family vacation!

Looking for an unforgettable family experience? What about learning Spanish in Costa Rica?

This small, but beautiful country is the perfect destination. You know why?

Let´s take a look:

  • Costa Rica has one of the best Spanish accents because it is clear and neutral, making it easy to learn the language.
  • It is one of the happiest countries in the world and a premier tourist destination with amazing wildlife.
  • Friendly locals and many opportunities for linguistic interaction.
  • Good standards of security and health assistance with the possibility to travel safely throughout the country with your family.
  • Easy international travel, accessible from most major airline hubs thanks to its geographic position and good services.
  • Tropical climate year-round, allowing you in one weekend be at the top of a volcano with fresh, crisp air and another one at the beach with shining warm sun rays.
  • Quality services and good attention anywhere you visit throughout the country.
  • Tourist transportation or car rentals so you can mobilize throughout the country with your family.

CPI Spanish Immersion School offers you 3 strategic locations for a lifetime family Spanish learning vacation: San Joaquín de Flores near the town of Heredia - a small, quaint area in the Central Valley; Monteverde, a rural town surrounded by an exuberant cloud forest; and Flamingo Beach, on the beautiful Northern Pacific coast.

With the modality of free afternoons for family exploration and adventure, you can have a complete family Spanish immersion experience, open to all ages and skill levels with flexible scheduling.

To know more about how this program, just click here. It could be your best travel family experience ever!

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