Spanish immersion classes for Intermediate Speakers at CPI Spanish Costa Rica

Now you know how to introduce yourself, dominate vocabulary beyond numbers/colors/days/months/family structure, and you have a capacity to communicate beyond a memorized series of phrases, you are even using different verb tenses! You no longer are a beginner, ¡felicidades! Your confidence grows at each interaction with native speakers and you are officially at the intermediate level. However, you cannot let the old adage, ‘the more you know, the more you realize you need to learn’ inhibit your linguistic journey; “poco a poco” needs to be the focus as you continue to improve and advance through the intermediate level.

 What is the next step for the intermediate Spanish speaker?

Key to remember when learning a new skill, it is easy going from ‘nothing’ to ‘something’. In your initial Spanish classes, you were able to memorize the first words and phrases, communicating in the present tense, experiencing an immediate advancement with a sharp increase in the learning curve. This next step of learning is to apply all your current knowledge at a more elevated level including a better understanding of how to place language into a more authentic context.

“The intermediate plateau” and how to advance through it

It is common that once you reach an intermediate level, the associated learning presents different challenges. Do not worry! You are not alone; it happens to most who learn a new language. In fact, this phenomenon has a name, “the intermediate plateau”. At this point you are studying more advanced grammatical rules, the more subtle differences between “ser” & “estar”, “saber” & “conocer”, compound verb tenses and other components that might be challenging to use correctly. Perhaps you feel you are not making progress. Yet, this is nothing more than an illusion, it is completely normal now that you are learning components with a greater level of difficulty to find it harder to maintain the fast advancement you experienced at the outset -- this does not mean you are not learning. Consider this, no matter your native language, you may think you have completely mastered it, surprisingly though, you encounter words or expressions in textbooks, on the TV or in music that you never knew existed. The lesson here - there is always room for learning! And, you always learn something new, even if you do not notice; our advice to getting over this stage is to have lots of motivation and confidence in yourself, this along with consistency.

Benefits of learning Spanish at CPI Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

As much as motivation is key, guidance is necessary to continue improving. With almost 30 years in the field, CPI Spanish proudly contributes to this process, with experience in providing the opportunity to learn, travel, discover and be immersed in the authentic & living language. With three campuses in Costa Rica, CPI Spanish offers the option for those wanting to stay in a small town near larger cities, on top of the mountains being surrounded by a cloud forest, or enjoying the comforting salty breeze & tropical waters under the glowing sun. No matter your campus choice, you can arrange your accommodation with CPI, having the opportunity to stay with a vetted local family, or in well-appointed private accommodation. Or why not visit all 3 sites and see more of amazing Costa Rica!

The CPI Spanish advantage, beyond assisting in combining traveling and learning, is our program flexibility -- students can customize their program to meet specific needs, whether choosing group or private lessons, or even combining group and private classes for a professional focus. Regardless of your choice, CPI guarantees individual attention with a maximum of 4 students per class, a focus on oral production, and a very welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. With our successful model there is no doubt that CPI guarantees linguistic advancement, demonstrating that CPI Spanish is more than just a language institute but a great option for becoming fluent in Spanish while enjoying the culture and the learning process. At CPI learning is FUN!

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