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Reasons to include Costa Rica in your TRAVEL LIST!

Traveling whether for leisure, work, to recharge, personal enhancement or for any other reason, always inspires a myriad of feelings and sensations. Regardless of preference -- a long-term culture curious traveler or a short-term vacation tourist -- you know the experience will remain with you forever. There are thousands of destinations from which to choose, planning includes starting to compare costs, attractions, available experiences and other personally related factors that will help you decide one destination over another. It is of little surprise that Costa Rica makes many a MUST-VISIT TRAVEL list.

Why Guanacaste is a MUST SEE

The “Travel and Leisure Magazine” has reduced this MUST SEE DESTINATIONS to 50 total, with the Guanacaste province being one of the top destinations. And how could it not be? Guanacaste has it all! You hear Costa Rica and the first images that come to mind are sloths in tropical forests, volcanic hot springs & pristine beaches. The latter is where Guanacaste shines, hosting around 70 spectacular beaches, some well-visited with others considered “hidden paradises” where you feel like you are enjoying your own private beach. From beaches that instead of having sand are covered by shells, to snorkel & diving coves where you swim with starfishes and might even see dolphins & whales, to even having a chance to visit one of the main regions in the world for turtle spawning.

Why not opt for a ½ day catamaran tour to enjoy the vistas as the tropical breeze surrounds you or, if you prefer, you can spend a full day relaxing at the hot springs at the bubbling mud pools near Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. If you want a deep connection with nature, go for a hike in one of the many tropical dry forests & reserves or take a flat boat tour to observe monkeys, a variety of water birds, crocodiles and other reptiles – imagine Iguanas & Jesus Christ Lizards.

Guanacaste is also a cradle of Costa Rican culture and history, a center that honors and seeks to maintain its traditional roots and practices. In Guanacaste you can observe how pottery pieces are crafted in a pre-Colombian fashion or enjoy a typical dance troupe display the cultural dances important to this part of the country.

As you can see, this province seriously has it all! It is the perfect combination of beaches, savannah flat lands, dry tropical forests, volcanoes and culture. Furthermore, as a bonus you can fly direct, arriving into its own international airport, LIR (“Daniel Oduber”), located in the town of Liberia.

Explore Guanacaste with CPI Flamingo

All this sounds amazing, does it not? The best of all, through CPI Spanish Costa Rica you can access all this and have a most authentic experience by learning the language and staying with a Costa Rican family or a locally owned accommodation to immerse yourself fully in the Guanacaste culture. Strategically located in Flamingo Beach, the CPI Flamingo campus is right on the coast, with access to numerous other beaches, along with being only 1 hour from the LIR airport and other nature attractions. You can maximize the experience by combining intensive Spanish classes with a diving course, or even take a specialized Medical/Social Work/Law Enforcement Spanish course with the afternoons free to explore. This is one of the main advantages of CPI – flexibility which coupled with quality – it’s a win-win scenario!

Don’t let 2020 close out without planning to see one the top 50 destinations in the world where you can, too, learn one of the most spoken languages of the world!

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