Is a language immersion program right for children?

Emphatically – yes!  Children are especially able to learn another language and immersion accelerates that process. Studies show starting a second language as a child carries enormous social and cognitive developmental advantages. Parents choose the CPI Spanish Program option whether their children/teens are new language.....

learners or as a means to fine tune current second language skills, all while taking advantage of an opportunity to deepen cultural understanding. There is no denying language is culture and culture is language.

Our most popular times for receiving families with children as young as 5 for Spanish classes are summer vacation and winter/spring breaks. Families enjoy our friendly, relaxed and age-appropriate learning environment which transforms Spanish immersion into a vacation. We provide a high-quality immersion experience, so our younger students can acquire the most Spanish possible during their time with us yet we keep the fun quotient high to engage both children and teens during their class time.

Children may be new to the language, making this experience an introduction to Spanish and a different style of living.  But, also, some of our school-age students are already in an immersion program in their home country and are able to really take their Spanish speaking, writing, listening and reading to the next level. CPI is one of the only language immersion institutes to receive young children in our Spanish program. Our teachers are specifically trained to work with children of different skill levels and all of our young students are placed with other children, always according to linguistic ability.

We believe that an important part of the immersion experience at CPI includes living with a local family.  CPI Spanish Immersion receives children of all ages in our homestays, along with their parents, and the whole family is welcome whether taking classes or not.  Living with a local family offers a unique window into the culture which only a small portion of travelers abroad have the fortune to experience. Additionally, the constant contact with the Spanish language permits children to naturally develop their skills as they practice what they learn in an authentic environment. The particular advantage of living with a host family in Costa Rica is the best treasure the country offers – Costa Ricans – who are consistently characterized as being kind hearted people who constantly seek to make visitors feel welcome.

Make it a Family Affair

Why not make learning Spanish a family affair?  While children are in class parents can also take Spanish classes with other adult learners. Of course, parents may also choose to relax during the 4 hour class block – no problema!  When class time is over the whole family is free to: partake in CPI cultural activities like Latin cooking and dance classes, venture out into the local community or sign up for excursions and tours to view firsthand the tropical wonders of Costa Rica. With the CPI Family Spanish program, lifelong memories are guaranteed!

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