Spanish immersion in Costa Rica: the best family experience

Looking for a family adventure full of lifelong memories? What about learning Spanish in the amazing Costa Rica?

There are so many reasons why:

  • Easy to combine study with travel: Eco-diverse, beautiful Costa Rica is the perfect place to combine both travel to unique points of interest along with study, the small country size permits enough time for both. At CPI Spanish School, you even have the possibility to spend at least one week in three different campuses where you can explore the city, enjoy the beach, and delve into the marvels of the cloud forest.
  • Child and teen friendly: A CPI Spanish immersion experience affords the time needed for true cultural appreciation, developing important skills and cultural capacities regardless of age -- all important for the expanding brains of our children. CPI is even one of the only Spanish immersion programs in Costa Rica to receive children as young as 4 years old.
  • Security: The country has a very good medical system and high-quality services. You can also travel safely throughout the country with your family.
  • No time for boredom: There is so much to do, see, and explore in Costa Rica! The only challenge will be what to do FIRST among the vast array of experiences. This country is loaded with opportunities for educational and fun adventures for all ages and interests.
  • Connection with nature: Being in contact with diverse natural environments in Costa Rica after so many restrictions due to COVID-19 will facilitate reconnecting with all family members through new shared adventures and quality time together.
  • Friendly people: Ticos love tourists, but they especially enjoy interacting with families.  You will not find a Costa Rican who doesn’t relish in the energy of kids – especially babies and toddlers, who are adored and coddled.
  • Good Spanish accent: For Spanish learning, the Tico accent is clear but perhaps what is most special is Ticos are patient in listening and helping you and your family practice Spanish and learn about the culture.

And you know the ultimate result to combining Spanish immersion in Costa Rica with a family vacation? A memorable linguistic and cultural experience with lifelong memories!

The CPI Family Spanish Program offers a friendly learning environment for parents traveling to Costa Rica with their children in three campuses located in beautiful spots: the famous Monteverde cloud forest, the pristine Flamingo Beach, and the small, interesting city of San Joaquin de Flores in Heredia. Both children and parents are placed into level and age-appropriate classes in the mornings with afternoons free to explore and immerse into the welcoming culture.

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A huge number of visiting families can attest to this having been one of the best travel experiences of their lives!

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