Learning professional Spanish

As anyone working in the modern economy can see, foreign language is no longer just a subject to be studied in high school or college and promptly forgotten. Interconnected economies formed by rapid globalization have made foreign language acquisition a crucial component of the path to a successful career. If you would like to better your Spanish abilities in order to advance your career or broaden your company’s client base, CPI is the place for you.

As psycholinguist Frank Smith said, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." By strengthening your Spanish skills, you will unlock a new world providing access to the sphere of 437 million native Spanish speakers. Being able to communicate bilingually will transform you into a top service provider for a greatly increased clientele.

CPI offers the following career-advancing Spanish programs:

  1. Medical Spanish Program
    1. Medical Spanish Program (General)

Available to students of varying Spanish abilities, this course introduces grammar topics in a medical context so that you can learn to provide health care to Spanish-speaking patients.

  1. Medical Observation

Aimed at advanced Spanish students, this class at CPI Heredia allows students to visit a private clinic in San Joaquín a few hours a week in addition to taking classes.

  1. Spanish Teacher Program

            A. Spanish Teacher Program (general)

You can begin this two week course any Monday year round, including  during school vacations such as spring or winter break. In addition to learning Spanish, students will gain access to Cervantes-Institute approved teaching techniques that are utilized at all CPI locations.

            B.  NMSU MA Credit & Professional Development Course (CEUs)

This program is for students of New Mexico State University who wish to  immerse themselves in Spanish language and culture in order to benefit their future students. CPI students in this program will gain 3 Master’s level credits and up to 6 graduate level classes, helping you meet  professional requirements while increasing your knowledge of the language. 

  1. Social Work Program

This class works to improve your communication, one of the most important elements of social work. It helps provide relevant vocabulary and interview skills that will be applicable in your career, and you will have the opportunity to volunteer in local organizations that work with children.

  1. Business Spanish Program

This program’s intriguing curriculum can help business students, those who already have jobs in Costa Rica, or those looking to expand their business to the Spanish-speaking world. The course focuses on professional communication and understanding the business culture of Latin America. It offers the unique opportunity to visit a local business once per week.

  1. Public Safety Program

Three-week course designed for public servants of all Spanish-speaking abilities, this program will give you the vocabulary needed most often in your field of work. The course features individualized elements that focus on the needs of your career specifically in addition to basic elements of  communication that can be utilized by all working in public safety.

  1. DELE Program

Instituto Cervantes’ DELE program awards you an official certificate of qualification based on your level of Spanish competence, which will be a useful and verifiable testament to your skills. You do not have to be fluent in Spanish to take the test—you can be certified based on a variety of competence levels.                       

Take advantage of all CPI can offer to better your professional life and give you an advantage in today’s competitive economy.

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