What is the best way to communicate with my family and friends back home while in classes at CPI in Costa Rica?

All CPI campuses offer free Wi-Fi and international calls by way of a SKYPE phone. You can fax or send letters for a small cost, and family members may send you letters through the CPI address.

High speed internet service is available free of charge at all CPI campuses for CPI students on the shared computers in the libraries of each school during working hours. You can also use CPI's wireless internet service available at all CPI campuses, also free of charge. You, too, will find that Wi-Fi is readily available at local restaurants.

If you would like to send a fax, you can do so at the the school for a small fee. In addition, you may have letters sent to CPI, but please note that letters typically take two weeks to arrive from North America. Express mail companies are also an option, if you need something sent quickly.

In addition, you can communicate with your family by telephone. CPI offers free international and local calls through Skype. Ask at reception which countries are included in this service.

Another good option for communicating is by using applications through Wi-Fi with a hand-held device; current popular options are Skype, WhatsApp or Viber. Another route is to rent a cell phone (see cellular phone section below).

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