Why should I study Spanish in Costa Rica?

Countries in the world where one can study and be immersed in Spanish are many; however, Costa Rica offers some unique advantages. Lauded for its long standing stable, democratic government with a large portion of its national budget dedicated to education and health care, the country boasts the highest literacy rate in Latin America with a quality educational system and universal health coverage.  These factors weigh favorably in elevating Costa Rica to the position of being one of the best countries for study abroad thanks to a safe ambience, a solid standard of living and inhabitants speaking a clear and uniform Spanish.

Home to tremendous biodiversity, teeming with wildlife and natural beauty, visitors may: take a cloud forest hike in the morning and relax on the beach in the afternoon; visit a coffee farm or the National Museum; raft a Class IV river or spend a quiet few hours bird watching; soak in natural hot springs within the rain forest at the base of a volcano or zip line through the canopy treetops. Many are aware that Costa Rica has a long-standing commitment to environmental conservation; about 13 percent of the country is dedicated to national parks, and over 25 percent of the landmass is protected in the form of biological and environmental reserves.  A coveted tourist destination, with a warm climate creating the perfect environment for the abundant green forestry for which Costa Rica is known, the Costa Rica vegetation practically guarantees views of monkeys, iguanas, sloths, and birds of many different species.   However, few would contest that the richest treasure are her people.  Although students see an array of animals in their natural habitat and expand their horizons through top notch adventure activities most claim that the best part of the Costa Rica experience are the friendly Ticos, always ready to extend a warm smile and a helping hand, if needed. 

Costa Rica: easily accessible with direct flights (or only 1 stop over) from North America, Costa Rica provides a culturally rich study abroad experience for: all ages, language levels and travel styles -- whether going solo or vacationing with the extended family unit.

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