What is the food like in Costa Rica? I am a vegetarian; can the CPI Spanish Immersion host family accommodate my needs?

Students find that the meals (breakfast and dinner) are typically freshly prepared with locally sourced vegetables, fruits and meats.  Do not be surprised to hear the blender running in the morning as your host mother prepares fresh sun ripened fruit juice -  your ‘fresco natural’.  Rice and beans are an important staple in most Costa Rican meals – even found at breakfast in the form of ‘gallo pinto’.  The ‘casado’ which is a 3 pronged dish of rice, beans and a meat is extremely common for lunch and dinner.  Pasta and soups are sometimes prepared.  The most popular fast food option tends to be fried chicken served with a side of pickled plantains and French fries.   

Yes, our host families are accustomed to cooking for vegetarians. If you have special dietary requests or needs (i.e. vegan,  low fat, food allergies, others), please note that the Costa Rican families can provide students with vegetables, fruits and other products which are typically consumed by the family daily.  If any special items are needed, the student should bring them or purchase these in the supermarket once in Costa Rica.

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