What are my options if I am not interested in a homestay while I am studying Spanish at CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica?

While we highly recommend staying with a local host family for language acquisition and cultural understanding, we realize that our students might have other preferences.  If you do not want to live with a homestay family or would like to combine homestay and non-homestay accommodations, we are happy to help arrange other accommodations for you.  For example, students who decide to stay with host families in San Joaquin Heredia and the Monteverde Cloud Forest sites can request an apartment unit at Flamingo Beach (or any combo which best meets your personal linguistic goals).

The most popular non-homestay accommodations are apartments and private rooms hand chosen by CPI.  These accommodations are fully equipped and within a short distance of the CPI schools.  In San Joaquin de Flores/San Lorenzo, modern units are quaintly nestled into areas inhabited by locals providing an authentic feel to your study abroad experience.  In Monteverde and in Flamingo the locally established Casas del Toro Group provides a boutique experience, welcoming you into an ambience where you feel you are at your ‘home away from home’. 

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