What is the recommended length of stay at CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica? How many hours of Spanish instruction are best?

Recommendation on length of stay would depend on each person’s individual goals for learning Spanish. You may study for as little as one week to get a jump start on fine tuning your current Spanish skills or perhaps as a means of introducing yourself to the Spanish immersion experience for later extended study. Of course, if your goal is to progress at a quicker pace then a study period of two weeks would be a minimum.  On average

our students stay at CPI for 3 or 4 week; however, serious learners with defined linguistic goals may decide to stay on for 6 months. It is quite common for students to study at CPI for 4 weeks; continue from home through our live format on-line sessions; and then return to CPI for additional full immersion blocks. 

Regarding class hours per day, our 4 hour intensive course (total 20 hours weekly) is our most popular option and with interaction in the community (and host family) provides a fully immersive experience.  Our 5 ½ hour super intensive program is offered for those students who desire additional practice in conversation.

For our adult learners the maximum class size is 4 students. All our students start the course with both a written and verbal exam to determine skill level; as such, one may or may not be placed with 3 other students as CPI never mixes levels to fill a group.  All our classes are organized according to the student’s knowledge upon starting classes and our Academic Coordinator communicates daily with the teachers to receive progress reports and, if necessary, will apply any necessary adjustments to the groupings (for example a student needing to take it a bit slower or, alternatively, a student who advances more quickly). The reason small class size is important is because in a more intimate class setting the level of customized attention our teachers can direct toward the student augments greatly the progress of each student. We are cognizant that traveling abroad involves an investment in time & funds and we want our students to have the opportunity to maximize each and every day of this experience.

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