Any arrival tips for my international flight into Costa Rica? If my plane is delayed, will I still be picked up at the airport by a CPI Spanish Costa Rica driver?

On the flight to either San José (SJO) or Liberia (LIR), you will be given 2 forms to fill out. One is to present with your passport at Immigration (on the form you will be asked for an address, you can put the town of your CPI campus). 

Once in the Immigration area look for the VISITORS line; at Immigration the official will take the paper and stamp your passport.  

After, you walk along the hall to pick up your luggage and continue on to Customs (where you put your bag on a conveyor belt and may or may not have your bag opened); the second form is to hand in at Customs (Aduanas). Then you will walk toward the exit, a large set of glass doors.  Here you must leave the baggage cart but can have a baggage handler put all the bags on a large cart (if you choose). 

At the glass doors please continue to exit toward the sidewalk (you will see many people and many signs); once you reach that point look for a sign that says your name.

Should your flight be delayed, do not be concerned as we are in contact with the airport and will know the exact arrival time of your flight (although if you have the chance to call the CPI emergency number provided once you know of a delay, that would be a helpful step).  Just a detail, since we have other students arriving throughout the day there could be a slight overlap which could potentially delay the driver’s ability to pick you up.  In other words, do not be overly concerned if your flight is delayed and when you arrive to the airport you do not see the driver immediately.   At this point we ask that you call the emergency number provided so the driver knows you are waiting for him along the sidewalk area.

The logistics for delayed arrivals is this:  sudents starting classes in Heredia twill still be taken to their accommodations.  Students who use (or choose) the Arrival Package to Monteverde or Flamingo will have to rearrange transportation and accommodation at the B&B; this can be done by calling the emergency number provided. The additional costs for the rebooked services will be charged to the final balance of the student account.

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