Can I study Spanish with my family? And with the homestay model, can all of us stay in the same host family?

Yes! CPI Spanish offers a family friendly learning environment for parents (and/or grandparents) traveling to Costa Rica with their children. For children 12 and under being introduced to Spanish, a less intensive course corresponds with the particular learning needs of young people; class time is divided into modules with emphasis on basic communication skills, vocabulary, and introduction of grammatical concepts. For those young students coming with an immersion background, the program is directed toward assisting the students fine-tune their language in the prescribed areas based on the initial CPI placement exam. For families with children under 4 babysitting service during class time hours can also be arranged while the rest of the family is in Spanish class; the family is responsible for the cost of the service.

The option of family study is a perfect combination of Spanish immersion with a family vacation as when classes finish the whole family is invited to participate in the CPI cultural activities – learn how to prepare a typical dish in our cooking class or salsa/merengue/cumbia in dance class! Or see and feel the amazing nature and adventure activities that Costa Rica has to offer by taking advantage of excursions and tours reserved for you through the on-site CPI staff.

The whole family – parents (grandparents, too!) and children of all ages are received in the CPI homestays. Living with a local host family is a great complement to the immersion experience as the authentic contact with the Spanish language is the best way for all students – adults and children alike – to naturally develop linguistic skills. An additional benefit is, by living with a CPI host family our students experience in a quality way the best part of Costa Rica – the Costa Ricans –known to be some of the friendliest and welcoming people on the planet! In fact, we have students who have stayed in contact with their host family for decades.

 In sum, the end result of a Spanish immersion family vacation is a memorable linguistic and cultural experience with lifelong memories guaranteed!

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