Can children study Spanish at CPI Costa Rica?

Absolutely! CPI is proud to be able to assist parents in facilitating this type of opportunity for their children especially since starting a second language is so beneficial for a child’s social and cognitive development.  As a general guideline, children older than 13 may study in our intensive program; younger children follow a different linguistic program based on the child's language and maturity levels. CPI professors have extensive experience teaching children from as young as four years old; in fact, CPI is one of the only language immersion institutes to receive young children in our Spanish program.  Regardless of linguistic level with language and culture being intrinsically linked all skill levels are deepening cultural understanding during class time. 

We receive young students new to Spanish as well as those already studying in an immersion program back home in which case our trained teachers will support their advancement in level appropriate Spanish speaking, writing, listening and reading. Our young students are placed with other children, always according to linguistic ability with age appropriate methodology and activities.

Children can be part of the program on their own with parents relaxing during the Spanish classes or an extremely popular model is learning Spanish as a family activity with children in their classes and parents taking Spanish classes with other adult learners.

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