How much money should I bring? Will my debit card work in Costa Rica?

CPI recommends that students bring both a credit and/or debit card as well as a certain amount of cash. ATM machines are a good option for withdrawing money and your debit card should work during your stay in Costa Rica (notify your bank in advance that you will be traveling to avoid unwanted fraud alerts).  In Flamingo there are not many ATMs close to the homestays so you should prepare accordingly. 

You may receive cash advances from VISA and Mastercard in most major banks.

For those students in the homestay program, additional expenses may include entertainment, travel and souvenirs. Lunch is your responsibility and restaurants range from cheap to expensive, but on average a good meal at a decent restaurant costs about $14 per person, without an alcoholic beverage. A beer costs about $3 in a bar.  If you plan to travel on the weekend, costs will vary depending on your tour choice and budget. Public transportation throughout the country is very reasonable. 

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