Does CPI have experience teaching advanced Spanish students? Heritage students?

Yes!  Many advanced students have studied with us, as have heritage students.

The CPI customized program for advanced level participants, those who have years of language study, provides opportunities for continued advancement and perfection from the low advanced level through superior level.  Each program level is focused on vocabulary enhancement, pronunciation, sociocultural awareness, and historical understanding.  For the higher levels, program goals include masterly of circumlocution and complex descriptions through the construction of defense of opinions, hypotheses, criticisms along with informal discourse, complex summaries, reports, and investigations that pertain to a variety of practical, social, academic, or professional topics, both in the abstract and the concrete; included in the latter is an ability to change style, tone, and format with a high degree of control of grammar and syntax.

CPI is also experienced in accommodating the needs of those who have grown up around Spanish. Heritage speakers have a wide range of strengths coupled with areas which require fine tuning. Whether you find yourself at 100% comprehension but wanting to develop your confidence in speaking the language or you are at a point that you want to elevate your vocabulary and perfect your writing skills, our experienced teaching staff are trained to pinpoint areas for improvement and carefully select the activities right for your linguistic advancement.

If you are an advanced Spanish student or heritage student and there are no other students at your level of Spanish knowledge, CPI will provide you with one-on-one instruction at no additional charge.

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