How safe is Costa Rica and the locations of CPI Spanish Immersion?

A vital question, as advanced preparation is key to any positive travel experience! Costa Rica is a serene country, committed to upholding its history of peace and diplomacy. Also, since the nation depends greatly on tourism from the United States, Canada, and Europe, visitors are warmly welcomed with respect and kindness. However, travelers should always use common sense and best judgment, especially when visiting major cities.

All CPI campuses are located in safe, friendly neighborhoods.  Positive travel experiences are assured when the following tips are taken into consideration.

  1. When available use sidewalks and always walk against oncoming traffic.
  2. Your homestay location or apartment is an excellent place to leave any valuables (electronics, passport, money) that you would not need to carry around the city; and you may leave possessions in the CPI main office if you are going to a tourist attraction and do not want to bring them along.

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