This will be my first time in Costa Rica, how do I get around?

On the first day of class we offer a student orientation designed to ease your transition into the Costa Rican culture. During this session we discuss important details, such as: what you can expect in your homestay, safety precautions, how to use local transportation, in addition to information on inter-campus transfer options for our students who choose to visit more than one campus. We also discuss topics related to CPI, including services provided by the school along with your daily schedule. The orientation supplements the welcome packet you will receive when you arrive.

For short distances, locals tend to walk and you will notice that not all host families own a car.  Public transportation is easy to use, readily available and is a popular option utilized by Ticos and visitors, alike.

Campus-specific details for additional transportation options:

CPI HEREDIA: UBER or formal red taxis (the former is more reasonable but your phone needs to be wi-fi connected).

CPI MONTEVERDE & CPI FLAMINGO: In Monteverde or Flamingo, you are more likely to have success by calling a taxi (no UBER in these towns).


Rental cars are an option but we recommend this more for time at Flamingo so you can independently explore the numerous surrounding beaches.

Note: we do not recommend students rent a car for long distances or inter-campus travel as the roads will be unfamiliar and signage is minimal.

The CPI offices are happy to provide information about public bus schedules, semi-private transportation, and private transportation. Many tourist companies include transportation in the cost of the excursion or activity.


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