What kind of volunteer opportunities are available to me as a CPI Spanish Immersion student?

With CPI campuses in three diverse regions of Costa Rica, volunteer opportunities vary according to location; however, in the majority of cases we can find you a position in your field or area of pursuit. If you e-mail us about your interest in volunteering prior to your arrival, we can investigate potential options.

Examples of past volunteer opportunities include:

CPI Flamingo— helping at La Paz primary and junior schools or the public primary schools of Huacas & Brasilito. Volunteers may serve as tutors or help with classroom activities. Students have also worked with CEN CENAI Huacas, which provides social services to children ages 0-6. There, you may help with: cleaning, cooking, or academic-administrative support.

CPI Heredia— San Angel Education Center and Técnico Profesional de Flores High School request volunteers to assist in teaching English classes. The Group House for Girls, a home for impoverished girls between 5 and 12 needs female volunteers to help work with the children.

CPI Monteverde— The Cooperative of Artisans of Santa Elena and Monteverde requests help from female volunteers who have a background in art or craftsmanship to help during business hours. In addition, there are many reserves, such as: the Ecological Sanctuary, the Santa Elena Reserve, and the Monteverde Conservation League, that need help with general maintenance and some office work. There is a post-study full time opportunity, as well, at the Monteverde Butterfly Garden.


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