General Rules for Online Classes

It is very important to carefully read the rules and cancellation policies of the online classes before beginning your class.

  1. The student should access the virtual classroom at least 2 days before their first class in order to learn how to work within the system. Make sure to check the videoconference link and access the Adobe Connect platform 15 minutes before your class.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they have the necessary technical requirements and internet connection before class begins.  If you need technical assistance you can make an appointment with the CPI technical staff during their office hours.  Any technical difficulties during the class that are the responsibility of the student cannot be reimbursed if class time is lost.
  3. Double check that you have a stable internet connection BEFORE your class starts. Take into consideration that if other people in your home or office are downloading files, watching videos or playing games on the internet, etc, it could interrupt your internet connection and class.
  4. Students must be on time for the videoconference; we will not make up class time due to late arrivals. Check your course schedule
  5. Please keep in mind that the Virtual Campus operates off Costa Rican time; therefore, hours are the same throughout the year and there is no seasonal change of schedule.  The student is responsible for reviewing if the seasonal schedules have changed in their region.  If the student misses class due to a misunderstanding of the time table in their region, we will not make up classes for the time lost. Check/Change your Time Zone
  6. It is strongly recommended that students actively participate in each class. 
  7. If you have a disability that could affect your performance in this class or that requires additional accommodation, please contact CPI before your class starts so we can make the appropriate arrangements. 
  8. Students must demonstrate appropriate social behaviors in class; the appropriateness of their behavior is determined by the teacher.  For example, talking on the phone during class or to a person outside of the class could lead to being disconnected from the class.
  9. At the beginning of each new course, it is at the discretion of CPI to place the student with a new teacher. This change will allow the student to experience different learning styles with other teachers who are fully trained to teach Spanish online.
  10. In the event your current teacher is not available to facilitate class (due to sickness or a last-minute emergency), CPI will not cancel class, instead class will be given by a substitute teacher.
  11.  Read our class cancellation policies for private and group classes.

By starting your first class, you hereby confirm to have read the general rules & cancellation policies and confirm to be in agreement with such.