Spanish immersion in Costa Rica: the best family experience

Looking for a family adventure full of lifelong memories? What about learning Spanish in the amazing Costa Rica?

There are so many reasons why:

  • Easy to combine study with travel: Eco-diverse, beautiful Costa Rica is the perfect place to combine both travel to unique points of interest along with study, the small country size permits enough time for both. At CPI Spanish School, you even have the possibility to spend at least one week in three different campuses where you can explore the city, enjoy the beach, and delve into the marvels of the cloud forest.

Why is Costa Rica the best place to learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish is not only about the best accent, but also the best and safest country to explore. Want to know why Costa Rica is this place?

Let´s take a look:

The best Spanish option for any homeschool program

While current times can be challenging, the positive side is now we have an expanded list of home learning options; this not only due to technology, but a new global shift has afforded us time to pursue pending goals, which at the same time situates us in a unique position from a motivational perspective.

So, what about perfecting your Spanish to the level you have always dreamed? And, also, how about involving your loved ones? We have found children, especially those in the homeschool model, love joining in!

Celebrate the holidays while learning Spanish in Costa Rica

One of the most interesting aspects about learning Spanish in a tropical country like Costa Rica is that festivities might be quite different from what you are used to. Christmas and New Year, for example, are lived in distinct ways -- no movie scene snow or cold winter here! Actually, December and January bring very sunny days that gateway into the dry season, which is our “summer”.

What does Pura Vida mean?

For Ticos, the term "Pura Vida" is an expression of happiness, optimism, and living life to the fullest.  It is impossible to visit Costa Rica without hearing this phrase continuously.

How about a quick "Pura Vida 101" lesson? 

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