Costa Rica playing her part in taking care of Mother Earth: “there is no Planet B”

Costa Rica and natural resource protection:

Costa Rica has been a well-known pioneer for dedication to protecting natural resources, whether it be in declaring areas as national parks, in caring for water sources, protecting species by making hunting illegal, or in creating animal crossings throughout the country. Fun fact: did you know that 30% of the country’s land is protected? Starting back in 1955 with the establishment of two national parks, the very first areas of protection were created: Parque Nacional Turrialba & Parque Nacional Volcán Irazú.

How does Spanish immersion work?

First feature: travel to a Spanish speaking country

Being immersed in Spanish means encountering the language 24/7; as such, the first feature is that you are in a country where Spanish is spoken. Considerations for where to travel include: cultural opportunities, proximity to home/ease of travel, length of stay, hobbies & interests, as well as openness to visitors.

Top 4 Reasons to come to Costa Rica to learn Spanish & Surf

Famous for being one of the best countries in Latin America for learning Spanish as well for its incredible surf, Costa Rica is known as a world-class touristic destination, especially for visitors from North America (USA & Canada) and Europe (mainly Germany, Switzerland, & France). Costa Rica’s natural beauty and culture has made it one of the most popular destinations to learn Spanish in Latin America. There are also countless outdoor adventure experiences to enjoy and, of course, you’ve heard that joining a Costa Rica surf camp is the perfect opportunity to learn how to surf. Beautiful beaches, the kindest locals - who will also teach you and practice Spanish with you-, great weather year long and numerous options for never ending excitement.

GUEST BLOG: Diego Najarro, CPI Spanish staffer traveling throughout the U.S.

On the surface you can associate CPI Spanish with learning or improving a specific skill – your capacity in the Spanish language. There is no doubt that CPI is the best in the field, with our professors successfully assisting students of all ages and all levels to better their Spanish. It is clearly possible to measure linguistic advancement in both concrete and measurable ways.

CPI ONLINE & SPANISH IMMERSION = the perfect combination!

Randal Robinson from Texas tells us more about his experience with the CPI Immersion Program and CPI online classes! From not knowing any Spanish to being able to have a fluid conversation with the teacher, Randy also talks about the benefits of and how easy it is to connect with us through our customized online courses!

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