How can I improve my Spanish during limited travel?

There is no denying the internet can provide great benefit to learning Spanish or improving linguistic skills. Here is a quick list of tips on how the internet can be of help in your learning journey!

  1. Make a set of vocabulary cards. Try to set the goal of learning 3 new words per day in different areas; for example: on Monday, 3 words about the home; on Tuesday, 3 about nature; on Wednesday, vocabulary about health & well-being; on Thursday, details about the family, etc.

Thinking of taking Spanish classes online out of Costa Rica? Find out why September is a month of celebration

If you decide to study Spanish online out of Costa Rica, not only will you learn the language but you will also open the doors to a rich experience in terms of culture and traditions. September is celebrated as the birth of Costa Rica, and this year the country is turning 199! September 15th is Independence Day not only for Costa Rica, but also for neighboring Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

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Reach Costa Rica through CPI Virtual Campus: The Fall 2020/Winter 2021 International Travel Conundrum

Are you a university student whose 2020 or early 2021 study abroad experience was either cancelled or put on hold? Are you in a wait-and-see mode about making new plans? There is no question that the current uncertainty around closed borders & international travel is a limiting factor for those who had hoped for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. So, the present query is, are there interim options?

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10 benefits of studying Spanish online

The warmth of her people & the clarity of their accent, along with the diversity of lush nature, makes Costa Rica an ideal place to learn Spanish. But taking Spanish classes online from home, while waiting for international travel to start anew, also has benefits. The CPI language institute staff based in Costa Rica wants to share with you the 10 main advantages of taking Online Spanish language courses:

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Online Spanish summer courses that open borders without leaving home

How about enjoying Latin American literature or cooking tasty Costa Rican dishes while practicing Spanish from the comfort of home?

These are just two of several online Spanish language course options available at CPI Costa Rica for those who love Spanish and want to improve their skills to communicate and interact in this beautiful language.  Or perhaps you are waiting for international travel to start again?  Inviting a slice of Costa Rica into your home is most definitely your next best 'Plan B'!

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