CPI and Corporate Social Responsibility

At CPI, the sense of dedication we feel towards our students, staff, and community – both local and global – has been and remains a priority in our over-25-year existence. To this day, CPI continues to align our standards with that of Corporate Social Responsibility practices in a promise to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families, and the local community and society, at large.

With the goal of fulfilling our vision, CPI has not only set both short term and long term goals to facilitate our contribution to the micro and macro well-being of those near and far, but we also attempt to engage our student body in providing opportunities for them to participate in creating a better world.

During their time at CPI, students are able to enrich their cultural experience while also playing an active role in supporting the local communities where our staff and students live and study: Heredia, Monteverde, and Flamingo.

Community Investment:

Host Family

CPI has organized a network of families dedicated to cultural exchange. The homestay model permits students to stay with a local family in order to experience typical Costa Rican culture. Sharing in the daily lives of Costa Ricans, while maximizing interaction and daily communication with a host family, not only helps the student linguistically and culturally but also helps the families expand their own global reference and learn more about the world through cultural ambassadors—our students.

The host family typically consists of stay-at-home moms, a father, and their children. The remunerative nature of the situation permits the mother to work from the home—should she so desire. Many host families have shared that hosting students has permitted them to improve their homes and/or put their children through university.


Boruca People

The Boruca, one of eight indigenous groups native to Costa Rica, consisting of about 2,660 members in the southwestern section of the Puntarenas province, are provided transportation and accommodations to visit CPI an average of three times per year (when few tourists visit their reserve). This is in order for them share their story with our students and sell their hand made merchandise—artisan crafts from which their livelihood is based.

Environmentally Friendly

"We Recycle"

At CPI, we encourage our students and employees to recycle, not only at CPI but also at home by asking that recyclable items be brought to CPI.

As we practice recycling at CPI, we encourage our community to do the same. We have given presentations to our host families and local students concerning the importance of recycling and options for allocating their recyclable material.


Florex, a Costa Rican company that produces and distributes high-quality biodegradable, environmentally friendly products helps us to actively implement our belief in the sustainability of the environment. CPI supports the values of the microenterprise, Florex, by purchasing their products and utilizing them in our homes and organization.


Local Organizations

Within each of the communities where CPI is located collaborative links have been established with carefully selected organizations to provide students with unique volunteer opportunities. For example, students can help community institutions either through beautification or literacy programs, assist marginalized populations, or opportunities for students who enjoy the outdoors.

  • CPI collaborates with many NGOs throughout Costa Rica dedicated to the children of today.
  • It is pertinent to recognize with young children, investment of one’s time is crucial. As such, a portion of volunteer time with many of these organizations includes one-on-one activities with young children by reading to and playing with them. Students volunteering at these organizations demonstrate the good will to help develop our Costa Rica.
  • Niño con Cariño, a private entity supported by the government, houses young girls from ages 5-12 who come from impoverished and precarious conditions. CPI has been working with Niño con Cariño for over 15 years helping to create a home away from home for these young girls providing attention, love and care for each.
  • At each of our locations, we offer an opportunity for student volunteers to teach English at CPI and various institutions around the community. Student volunteers have an opportunity to help local students perfect their English comprehension, sharpen pronunciation, and improve spelling.

  • Native Spanish speakers are grateful for this opportunity as a higher level of English knowledge permits them to obtain jobs or ascend in a company.

  • Costa Rica is synonymous with tropical forests and preservation. CPI has contacts with local organizations offering students opportunities to be a part of conserving our tropical forests for the betterment of Costa Rica and the world.

  • CPI is proud to be connected with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation which has been working with marginalized areas throughout Costa Rica and assisting the less fortunate for over 30 years. CPI supports this organization by setting up visits for both individual students and including volunteerships in group itineraries. Volunteers work on projects that range from making bunk beds, painting murals, construction, kindercare, medical fairs, planting gardens, and general clean ups. Our collaboration with the CRHF results in many joyful and thankful families.

  • An additional possibility for groups is through our Group Department whose staff organizes volunteer work for our groups to assist local deprived families within the community. The variety of volunteer group work includes painting houses, primary schools, and health posts, housework, re-constructing bathrooms, building playgrounds, and beach clean ups. Options of volunteer work differ between CPI’s three locations. We are not only aware of the struggles in our community but undertake tasks to improve their conditions.

For CPI, growth as an organization goes hand-in-hand with efforts to enhance our community; as such, we encourage our students to get involved with the community by volunteering.  For more information on specific volunteer opportunities and institutions please contact the Admissions Department.
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