Any arrival tips for my international flight into Costa Rica? If my plane is delayed, will I still be picked up at the airport by a CPI Spanish Costa Rica driver?

On the flight to either San José (SJO) or Liberia (LIR), you will be given 2 forms to fill out. One is to present with your passport at Immigration (on the form you will be asked for an address, you can put the town of your CPI campus). 

Once in the Immigration area look for the VISITORS line; at Immigration the official will take the paper and stamp your passport.  

How do I arrive to CPI Flamingo if I choose to fly into the Liberia International Airport (LIR)?

If you are flying into the Liberia International Airport (LIR), CPI can arrange in advance a taxi to meet you once you forward your flight information.

The taxi driver would wait for you outside the airport exit, holding a sign with your name. The trip from the airport to Flamingo takes about an hour.

What is the recommended length of stay at CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica? How many hours of Spanish instruction are best?

Recommendation on length of stay would depend on each person’s individual goals for learning Spanish. You may study for as little as one week to get a jump start on fine tuning your current Spanish skills or perhaps as a means of introducing yourself to the Spanish immersion experience for later extended study. Of course, if your goal is to progress at a quicker pace then a study period of two weeks would be a minimum.  On average

How does dividing my time among the three locations work at CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica?

Students have the option of studying, by weekly sessions, at each of our CPI Spanish immersion campuses: the small residential area of San Joaquín de Flores just outside the university town of Heredia, the Monteverde Cloud Forest, and Flamingo Beach along the pristine Guanacaste coast. Even at its outset, CPI envisioned being able to offer a choice of locations so our students could experience the cultural and ecological diversity of Costa Rica.

Does CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica offer a diverse and inclusive environment?

CPI founders and staff seek to create an inclusive, safe environment where students can study Spanish and immerse themselves in Costa Rican culture without stress or discomfort. Costa Rica has a reputation for being a country that welcomes people of diverse backgrounds. CPI only works with homestay families that are non-judgmental toward race, religion, sexual preferences, and/or different points of view. Our homestay families are chosen based on their desire to welcome students of all backgrounds.

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