This will be my first time in Costa Rica, how do I get around?

On the first day of class we offer a student orientation designed to ease your transition into the Costa Rican culture. During this session we discuss important details, such as: what you can expect in your homestay, safety precautions, how to use local transportation, in addition to information on inter-campus transfer options for our students who choose to visit more than one campus. We also discuss topics related to CPI, including services provided by the school along with your daily schedule. The orientation supplements the welcome packet you will receive when you arrive.

How safe is Costa Rica and the locations of CPI Spanish Immersion?

A vital question, as advanced preparation is key to any positive travel experience! Costa Rica is a serene country, committed to upholding its history of peace and diplomacy. Also, since the nation depends greatly on tourism from the United States, Canada, and Europe, visitors are warmly welcomed with respect and kindness. However, travelers should always use common sense and best judgment, especially when visiting major cities.

Do I have the same CPI Immersion Spanish professor every week?

While all CPI teachers have mastered the customized CPI methodology, CPI recognizes the importance of being exposed to the unique and varied styles of different professors; as such, each week students change professors in order to experience different expressions, vocabulary, accents and conversation topics.

I want to book my plane. What day should I fly into Costa Rica to begin my classes at CPI Spanish Immersion?

If you are beginning CPI classes in Monteverde or Flamingo, we recommend that you fly into San José (SJO) the Saturday before your classes begin so that we may transport you to Monteverde or Flamingo on Sunday morning.  In this scenario, our team will arrange the ‘arrival package’ for you in advance.

If you are beginning classes in Heredia, we recommend you arrive into SJO on Sunday so that we may receive you at the airport and transport you directly to your host family or CPI recommended accommodation.

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