Why learning professional Spanish can open you doors?
CPI Costa Rica / 15 July 20213 min read

Learning languages will always open doors -- and many will open wide if this learning specializes in your career. A case in point is health care professionals learning medical Spanish face-to-face on-line (or in a Spanish speaking country!). You may wonder what the added value is for you and there are plenty of reasons:

  1. Open up new career opportunities and increase your competitiveness: you will expand your options and marketability: in an increasingly globalized world, professionals who speak more than one language are the most sought after and valued.
  2. Preparedness to carry out your practice in challenging situations: you will be able to use your expertise to help people who speak a different language.
  3. Help you show greater empathy and closeness to your patients: communicating fluently will help you gain better understanding of the patients’ situation and effectively convey possible solutions.
  4. Expand your horizons and your mind in a multicultural world: you will look at your career from a new perspective by interacting with people from different cultures and by adding value through helping others.
  5. Increase your effectiveness as a professional: taking care of those from other cultures will develop your self-confidence to provide a better service.
  6. Be a more effective communicator using professional jargon in another language: this, without a doubt, makes your work more productive.
  7. Give you the opportunity to work in another country: volunteering or working abroad can enrich your career as well as impact your life in many positive ways.
  8. Communicate fluently with colleagues from other cultures: you will be able to exchange information with other professionals within your field of expertise and gain better understanding of other realities.

At CPI Spanish School we design Online Spanish courses and face-to-face content tailored to any profession, examples include: health care, social work, politics, and business.

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