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Are you a medical student or health professional open to advancing your career by learning Spanish? Costa Rica is the place -- and for good reason!

The CPI Spanish HEREDIA campus offers the unique opportunity to visit hospitals and clinics as part of our Medical Spanish & Observation Program.

Medical Observation includes 5 hours daily of visits to private and public hospitals & clinics in the Central Valley. On some occasions, subject to availability, students have the opportunity to observe surgeries and other procedures.

The medical observation component also involves participation in health fairs and, depending on the doctors’ availability, rotations between two or more medical centers. Normal schedule: 7am- 12pm, Monday through Friday.

The Medical Spanish component is scheduled M-F in the afternoons, after observations, for a minimum of 10-hours of classes weekly. Classes are centered on your medical area of interest, with dedicated space to clarify doubts around the Spanish language encountered during the observations, as well as details related to the Costa Rica’s health care system.

The total cost for the Medical Spanish & Observation is $890 per student per week.

San Joaquin de Flores, where CPI Heredia is located, affords an authentic cultural experience in the Central Valley where 66% of the Ticos live. It is an easily manageable, walkable town, close to San Jose, with friendly locals, surrounding volcanic vistas and traditions such as country fairs, religious processions, parades and farmer’s markets.

Learn more about our programs at: www.cpi-edu.com 

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