How long are the CPI Spanish programs in Costa Rica? When can I start my Spanish immersion experience?

All CPI programs at each CPI campus – Heredia typical town, Monteverde Cloud Forest & Flamingo Beach - are separated into week-long segments.  While the minimum number of weeks to study is 1 week at your campus of choice, on average students tend to study 3 to 5 weeks and divide their studies between 2 or all 3 CPI sites.  The average however is a general parameter and students may enroll for as many consecutive weeks as fits their schedule. CPI has hosted students with the goal of perfecting their Spanish and gaining a deep understanding of the Costa Rican culture up to 6 months. All of our Spanish classes for all linguistic levels – whether for our Intensive (4 hours per day) or Super Intensive (5 ½ hours per day) programs or our specialized professional options begin on any given Monday (with the exception of holidays).