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Colby College located in Maine sent the first cohort of Jan-term students to CPI Costa Rica back in 2003; from its inception and until current day the program includes a strong service component. Students spend a total of 2 ½ weeks in Costa Rica, dedicating half days to projects with local NGOs and the second half of the weekdays to Spanish learning. Added to the mix are opportunities for adventure, including white water rafting, canopy zipline, surf classes and a sunset catamaran along the golden coast of Guanacaste.

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Our Winter Term experience with CPI is transformative. Students across the language spectrum--from beginners to hispanohablantes-- are always delighted with their growth as Spanish speakers.  Homestays with trusted families help build confidence in speaking and navigating new environments.  Our work with community partners puts our energy and labor in the service of their endeavors.  Moving across three locations--the Central Valley, Monteverde and Playa Flamingo--helps students understand the beauty amidst deep inequality in Costa Rica.  And, of course, who can forget the fabulous excursions?--meticulously planned and chaperoned by fabulous drivers and guides.  Our Costa Rica course changes us, encouraging us to work as a group, to be open to surprises, and feel connected to the work of Tico organizations. Working with CPI is engaged learning at its best! 

Patrice Franko

Chair, Global Studies

Grossman Professor of Economics & Global Studies

Colby College, Waterville, Maine