New Mexico State University (NMSU)

The NMSU and CPI Costa Rica professional relationship is as long standing, over 20+ years, as it is extensive. Initially Aggies studied at CPI Costa Rica on an individual basis, arriving on the Monday best suiting their summer schedule, or studying with us in Costa Rica for a full semester. This model still exists, but the options for NMSU students to study at CPI Spanish have expanded through both bi-annual 2-week group Spanish language for credit programs (each summer and winter), the Global Citizens initiative, as well as professionally focused trips for Aggies in the areas of nursing, hotel & hospitality, and engineering.

Through NMSU, university students from the entire United States have the opportunity to earn transfer Spanish credits for course work at CPI Costa Rica. The most recent innovation has been the NMSU for transfer Spanish credit program being extended to the CPI live- format online program.

Global Citizens:

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Where do I begin when talking about CPI Costa Rica and what they do for us and, especially, our students? The better question could be, what do they not do? They do everything! We have been sending students to Costa Rica with CPI since 1999 and I can say that CPI is our flagship program for sending students abroad to study Spanish. CPI’s attention to host family placement, excellent language instruction methods and practices, combined with educational, adventurous, thoughtful and impactful activities offer an educationally sound and well-rounded experience. CPI’s tailor-made programs have offered me the flexibility of asking for suggestions when in the planning stages for a group trip, sharing my input and desires, sitting back and almost like magic, waiting for a solution to be presented. Without a doubt it is always something that is far better than I could have even imagined doing on my own – and it is always hassle-free. I really appreciate the on-the-ground support CPI offers by providing a group assistant and other support staff that help make the experience virtually worry-free so I can concentrate on creating more learning experiences for our students. The students see this support as well and it puts them at ease knowing they are in good hands. Thanks CPI and keep up the excellent work!

Dr. Jeffrey Longwel

New Mexico State University