Why Costa Rica?

The tropical exuberance of Costa Rica renovates your spirit & CPI Spanish expands your mind!

Come to the best of both: a premier tourist destination and the top Spanish immersion program in Latin America.

Perfect Combination

Costa Rica & CPI

In a small, tropical country that offers it all, CPI Spanish maximizes your adventure; see the most of Costa Rica in a short amount of time, while experiencing the PURA VIDA lifestyle.

Costa Rica Highlights

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A natural land bridge with 5% of entire world biodiversity in 51,100 km2, with 50% of landmass covered in forest.

Defender of diverse ecosystems with ¼ of entire territory protected in private & public reserves.

Universal health care & 98% literacy rate in a gender equal population of 5 million.

Meet the friendliest people on the planet!

Since 1948 a tradition of peace and example to the world.

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About Us

CPI Story & Team

We are a Costa Rican institute, with the goal of being the best in Latin American and a vision that goes beyond language acquisition to allow your expansion of cultural capacities through experiences.

Perfect Locations

Partners, University Credits and Dele exam

With 30+ years, CPI is internationally recognized and the selected provider in Costa Rica for prestigious universities and organizations.