Why is CPI the best choice in Costa Rica?

As you search for the best program for you, allow us to share our over 25 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a second language
by suggesting that you consider each of the points below during the selection process.
CPI offers students the flexibility to customize programs to meet specific needs. Students can combine the 5.5 hour program & 4 hour program between 2 or 3 of our select campus sites and may also alternate accommodation options by living with a host family in one location and choosing the Student Residency at another location. Students can arrange a combination of morning group classes complemented by afternoon private lessons, facilitating the study of materials directed to individual needs.
Family Friendly
CPI is one of the only schools in Costa Rica to receive children as young 4 years old with teachers specially trained to share the language and culture with younger students.

For children under 4, babysitting services during class time hours can also be arranged; the family is responsible for the costs of these services.

Students travelling alone to Costa Rica
Our program is the perfect option for those travelling alone; students feel comfortable under the protective umbrella of CPI as they explore their surroundings and participate in school organized activities. Lifelong friendships are established with students meeting on campus in classes, during the break or while participating in the many planned tours and activities.

CPI is so much more than merely a Spanish immersion school - it's an EXPERIENCE!

Our vision is set on providing the experience of a lifetime by providing the complementary elements toward achieving that goal. For this reason the CPI EXPERIENCE provided by our staff makes ours one of the most sought after programs in Costa Rica, attracting students from all over the world.
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