Public Safety and service Program

The ideal program for individuals working in the areas of public safety and public service who find it to necessary to know Spanish in order to perform their daily job expectations.

Schedule and Duration of the Course

The course material is designed to be covered over a three week period and is offered for students of all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. However, the program can be adjusted to suit the needs of students who are traveling with time restrictions or different schedules in mind. As a result, it is possible for students to study for one week (minimum) or for two weeks. Regardless the amount of time a participant chooses to study, CPI guarantees program continuity that facilitates daily progression.

Classes are held from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. daily (Monday – Friday), permitting students to participate in tours and other CPI cultural activities in the afternoons. This is especially beneficial for those students traveling with friends or family members studying in the Standard Spanish Program as the same class schedule enables them to participate in activities together in the afternoons and/or on the weekends.

The maximum class size is 4 students, guaranteeing each student personalized attention from the professor.

Program Highlights

In class, students learn to communicate in Spanish the statements, words, and expressions most commonly needed in order to carry out daily job responsibilities.

The grammatical content of the course is taught in the context of the vocabulary words and expressions that are most frequently used in the student's area of employment.

Grammar and vocabulary is reinforced with dialogues, readings, videos, and role plays, always within the realm of public safety and the student's specific job responsibilities.

Price and Registration From

Price per person (USD):

$600 per week

Classes include: text books, placement exam, program certificate, and one visit per week to a site related to the course material. The site visited varies depending upon the campus at which the student is studying.
Accommodation and excursion prices are not included and are charged separately. Please click here for more information about CPI accommodations.

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I really enjoyed my three weeks in the special program for police officers. The books are great and well adapted. I had one interview per week with different people from the police environment including officers, criminologist, victim and witness advocates, etc... I visited 2 police stations and a detention facility. It was really interesting! The tours are great, the surroundings are quiet and everybody on the campus is really friendly and do their best to help you. I stayed at the apartment Vista Volcanes and I really enjoyed it. I recommend this program without hesitation!
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