Spanish Classes by the Hour

Spanish Classes by the Hour


Perfect for long-term resident expats or short-term tourists

Classified under the umbrella of our signature label “CPI Specialized Experiences”, the CPI Spanish Classes by the Hour program is the perfect fit for: short-term tourists seeking survival capacities, expats & long-term residents, dedicated students with time constraints and/or companies with specific professional needs.

CPI is one of the longest established and most experienced Spanish language schools in Costa Rica; in-house training ensures quality teaching, with our academic staff utilizing customized and innovative techniques to attend to the styles and linguistic needs of each learner.

Our accomplished Spanish professors can be contracted from as few as 2 hours for a survival Spanish session while you relax poolside at your hotel or classes can be arranged as a long-term program to support expat and resident needs at one of our 3 schools -- permitting you to choose the school nearest you for your Spanish class plan -- or in your home or at the office.


For short-term tourists wanting to include Spanish classes as part of their Costa Rica experience, our services are available to teach you Spanish for as few as 2 hours per session. Why not brush up on your Spanish while relaxing poolside at your hotel, AirBnB accommodation, condo rental or VRBO apartment

The survival Spanish package within our CPI Spanish Classes by the Hour program includes: placement test, academic material, and access to our CPI APP for out-of-class practice of verbs and vocabulary.

Our CPI Spanish Classes by the Hour program is perfect, too, for serious students with time constraints, for example, executives and/or expat parents taking a family gap year in Costa Rica but with primary/middle or highschool schedule and after-school programming restrictions.



1 Person



Mandatory: both students have a similar level



Mandatory: each student has a similar level

2 hours minimum per class is recommended to gain increased proficiency in the language in a short time.

FREE TRANSPORTATION: For off-campus class locations less than 4 miles from any CPI, transportation is free. For 4+ miles, transportation costs may be additional; please contact us for a quote.

Note: For Spanish classes at hotels, it is necessary that CPI receives an authorization from hotel management for our instructors to access the installations. We recommend you provide us the hotel contact details in order to solicit this required authorization. Please inquire for the list of hotels that already permit this experience for our students.

Please contact the Admissions Department if you have any questions


If you are living long term in Costa Rica and looking to learn Spanish at your own pace the CPI Spanish Classes by the Hour is crafted into an extended program to accommodate specific expat needs. Alternatively, the CPI Spanish Classes by the Hour program can also be structured to support new resident survival Spanish necessities. For the latter, in only 2 hours you will learn basic grammar along with some of the most important phrases for certain situations while living in your new home, such as a medical emergency, general running errands, and daily living.

Spanish classes for a few hours per week at our welcoming campuses are available in a variety of schedules – with an added advantage, while on campus there is plenty of interaction with friendly locals along with opportunities to socialize with other expats, sharing experiences and tips about living in Costa Rica!

The benefits of extended study at CPI are many: from special discounted rates to friendships with Costa Ricans to discovering the cultural treasures of Costa Rica ascertained through the language – all at your own pace!

Program Details

$345 dollars per month (4 weeks)

Price per person

Minimum 3 students per group

5 hours per week

Price includes: placement test and academic material


Available options

2 days per week: 2.5 hours per class

1 day per week: 5 hours per class

Please ask at each school the schedule available for classes

Upcoming openings

Classes start every month

December 3rd, 2018
January 7th, 2019
February 4th, 2019
March 4th, 2019
May 6th, 2019
August 5th, 2019
September 2nd, 2019
October 7th, 2019
November 4th, 2019
December 2nd, 2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event only 1 or 2 students sign up per month, the hours will reduce to 4 hours per week.

Please contact the Admissions Department if you have any questions


Have you been thinking of organizing a group within your community or for company staff?  We are happy to be of service!

CPI is proud to share that we are the chosen language school of local and international companies, some of our clients are: UK Embassy, Canadian Embassy, Emerson Electric Company, McKinsey Company, Vertiv, Avianca, just to name a few.

Please contact the Admissions Department if you have any questions

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