Safari Sarapiquí River

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

We finished classes but no the Spanish immersion

Today, we left early in the morning because a long road was waiting for us, so we had breakfast on a -"soda" which is a place where most Ticos eat breakfast and lunch-, so we finished the classes but not the immersion so the students ordered in the place in Spanish. After we had breakfast we kept our way to Sarapaquí river, where the Aguas Bravas staff was waiting for us. Once we got to the place we put on the equipment for the safari, helmet, paddles, and a lifejacket, so now we are ready for our adventure.

It was raining but we could not miss the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful nature that we were surrounded by, so we started our tour seeing a lot of birds and some other animals such as different species of ducks, monkeys, and even some dogs were near the river drinking water. We were on the river for around 2 hours.

When we finished the safari we took the shuttle back to Aguas Bravas place and there we had lunch which was a -"casado" a typical food from Costa Rica, basically meat, rice, beans, mincemeat, and salad.-

At the end, we went back with our host families to enjoy the rest of the day.


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