Bonfire Beach Day

Friday 2th, August, 2019, Bonfire, beach day

Today was Friday, last day for the week, a day Which we made a Bonfire not to say a goodbye, but a see you later Bonfire.


 We started the day getting ready to school and preparing to improve over Spanish. During the passing week we got a better level of Spanish during there days.  Making homework’s and practicing Spanish with over families Ticas.

Today we were getting prepare to go to the beach name as Playa Conchal, which means Shell Beach. We had a great time on the water, getting to the beach was hard we where needed to walk around 15 minutes with over stuff to get there. In the end of the day it was worth it. Blue crystal water which shine by the sun reflection.  On the way back we got prepare to go on the bonfire. We ate marshmallow’s, sandwiches’ and made many activities which made us win some t shirts and stickers. We had a great time, saw the sunset go down and we enjoy the view of nature.

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